The Malta Climbing Club is pleased to announce the development of a new climbing area in the South of Malta which adds another ten sport routes to the cliffs between Thaiwand Walls and Għar il-Munqar (Spooky Cave). This new climbing area has been baptised as FEARLESS WALL by its main […]

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Climbing at popular Ic-Cnus Slabs / Black Slabs open again!

(Pg141 guidebook) Good news everyone! Our friends of the Gozo Climbing Association, particularly through the efforts of “Didi” Treptow have today advised that MEPA have confirmed that the slabs are PUBLIC PROPERTY and therefore available for climbing smile emoticon Please if you want to go there however DO NOT GET […]

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Mid Week climbing meets are back!

DST is in full swing and as the days get longer the club will start to meet once a week at a different outdoor climbing location.Events are held on Wednesdays and start at around 17:30, and end when the sun sets and we can’t see the rock we’re climbing on. […]

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Club Climbing Meet – Wied Babu Thursday 31st March 2016

Thursday 31st March is a public holiday, and here at the club we can’t think of a better way to spend it than outdoors enjoying the spring weather 😀 There are plenty of routes to try at all sorts of angles and grades. As always, beginners and newcomers to the […]

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Climbing the Malta Classics: Circus Oz

Words & photos by Stephen Farrugia Winter 2016 will go down in history as one of the mildest we’ve experienced. Looking back over these two months, I can think of perhaps two climbing days that have been cancelled because of inclement weather. One such sunny February weekend saw me return […]

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Warning about parking at Wied Babu!

Dear friends, as many of you know, people parking at the usual place (on the pavement across the road from the metal steps) for Wied Babu have recently been receiving fines for parking there. The MCC and the MRCC have got together to try and establish whether these fines are […]

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Fruitcakes and turtles

Forna Point in Gozo evokes images of bright yellow rock, smooth, carved by the wind into frozen waves of soft limestone.  Beneath, grey shadowy walls plunge to the heaving deep blue sea.  On a windy day the waves crash against the base,  white-capped, sweeping in relentlessly, smashing in outrage at […]

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Bolt maintenance work at Mgarr Ix-Xini

Some essential maintenance work was done at Mgarr ix-Xini valley on Sunday focusing on the sectors around Dream Walls which needed attention in particular, based on feedback from various climbers trying the routes. The first job however was to clear the litter which had been deposited underneath the carob tree in […]

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Let’s Do It! Malta Climbing Club Clean up

Malta Climbing Club have decided to join in the Let’s Do It! Malta clean up event for the second year in a row. Last year we gave Wied Babu a thorough scrubbing, and this year we’re going to tackle ix-Xaqqa. Sadly the premier slab climbing destination on the islands is […]

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Climbers sign Memorandum of Understanding with Hunters and Trappers Assoc.. (FKNK)

Earlier this week, the newly formed Malta Climbing Association, with the support of the Malta Climbing Club, signed a memorandum of understanding with the local hunters’ association, the FKNK with the aim of providing a broad framework for future collaboration. This with regard to the common enjoyment of the countryside […]

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